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  • What is your service area?
    For in-person services, my service area is within 30 minutes of Frederick, Colorado (Firestone, Dacono, Longmont, Fort Lupton, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Broomfield, Northglenn, and Thornton). I also offer virtual private consultations to anyone in the world! If you are outside our service area but would like in-person training, there will be a small travel fee.
  • How can I contact you?
    Please reach out to me on my contact form email me at, or call us at (720) 663-0821.
  • What technology do I need for virtual services?
    I use Zoom for meeting with clients virtually and will email you a link to our meeting beforehand.
  • What supplies do I need for training?
    Treats - and lots of them! You can cut soft, yummy treats into small pieces. Most dogs love chicken breast, cheese cubes, hot dogs, and lunch meat for training. If your dog will be working on leash skills, you'll need a harness and a regular leash (not retractable). I highly recommend purchasing a treat pouch for ease of training. There are many options to purchase online or you can use a fanny pack or tool belt instead. Your trainer will communicate with you if there are any other supplies needed for your specific dog (i.e. baby gates, exercise pens, training mat).
  • Do you need to meet my dog in person to help?
    My primary goal during private lessons is to teach you to train your dog the skills they need. Luckily, this can be done effectively over online Zoom lessons. Virtual training is efficient and convenient. Please reach out to me if you have any concerns regarding virtual services.
  • What is the fee for training multiple dogs/cats?
    Our fees are by the hour, so there is no additional charge for multiple animals in the home. Depending on your goals, we may need to add additional training sessions to work with each individual animal.
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